jCatalog Services

Support and Maintenance

jCatalog support continues the successful deployment of your jCatalog solution.

Your product maintenance and support or subscription contract ensures access to product service packs and upgrades. Product patches are provided to address critical application bugs, changes to legal requirements and continuous product enhancements.

Our Customer Care Center provides an online trouble ticket system. Technical problems are registered electronically, further processing steps are recorded, and cases are  closed upon confirmation by the client. The trouble ticket system ensures that, from start to finish, the complete process is transparent to our customers.

jCatalog lives by the 5 C's

  • Care - care about the custom inquiry or issue
  • Consult - consult with the customer in understanding the product or how to solve an issue
  • Create - create solutions for the customer by working with internal product support teams
  • Confirm - make sure the customer confirms that you have understood the problem and provided the appropriate solution
  • Close - Close the issue and the associated ticket for the customer

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