jCatalog Services

Consulting and Implementation Services

As experts in the field of Product Information Management (PIM)  systems and e-Procurement systems, we advise and support our customers during evaluation, design, and implementation of their projects.

Our consultants provide the optimal balance between knowledge of the industry and technological and product know-how.

Consultation & Project management

We will guide you during the introduction and implementation of our product(s) in your company. We support you with:

  • Formulation of decision models
  • Kickoff workshops
  • Requirement specifications
  • Project management
  • Classification consultancy
  • Data analysis
  • Interface specifications
  • Customizing
  • Dynamic workflows
  • Supplier summits / workshops
  • Migration
  • Training

Our experts have proven repeatedly that PIM solutions and e-Procurement systems can be deployed reliably within given budget and time constraints.


  • Shorter project durations
  • Faster transfer of knowledge
  • Optimal configuration and deployment of the products
  • Better end user acceptance of new product and process introduction with the use of our services team

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