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jCatalog’s solutions for central Product Information Management (PIM) enable you to maintain constantly high product, text and image data quality for your enterprise. The data are captured with easy-to-use editors or via various input formats. There is a wide range of functions at your command for checking your data automatically to avoid redundancies and errors. By synchronising data from different sources and systems, it is possible to select the most appropriate information in each individual case. You can also carry out targeted analyses to find out how to further enhance the quality of your data.

  • The centralised availability of all product information speeds up daily processes
  • Automated functions improve data quality
  • The integrated workflow engine supports teamwork
  • A portal provides for swift supplier and customer communication
  • ERP and SAP can be seamlessly integrated
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jCatalog’s products provide comprehensive support in producing various media – from data sheets to finished catalogs and price lists. Individual pages, chapters or even product groups can be formatted for media production while the product data in the PIM system remain media-neutral and available for all other publications. In addition, Cross Media Publisher makes your teamwork and proofreading processes more quick and efficient.

  • All publication and layout forms are supported
  • Streamlining of planning and correction processes
  • Print-on-demand and direct marketing
  • Generated documents can be manually adapted
  • Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress are supported
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jCatalog-eCommerce is the ideal tool for multi-channel commerce. It offers all strategic functions you need for your activities in connection with shop solutions, print applications, social networks, as well as with all point of sales systems. To connect with your customers, easy-to-use shops tailored to their needs are at hand. When it comes to B2B business partners, your products can be perfectly integrated into already existing business processes. With the search and navigation possibilities that are available, new customers in all areas can gain a quick and comprehensive overview of the complete product range you have to offer. Last but not least, you can hit the mark with your targeted sales strategy by specifically addressing individual customer groups.

  • B2C- and B2B-commerce
  • Online product portal with user-friendly search functions
  • Adaptable layout; integrated content management
  • Additional information and cross-selling possibilities
  • Long Tail: live with more than 10 million products
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