Source-to-Pay Easy and Secure Procurement, Done Right

Analyze your spend and identify new savings opportunities!

jCatalog Spend Analyzer provides real-time spend performance metrics by category, suppliers, organization, and other factors. Buyers can drill into their data or slice and dice it through various dimensions. For example, they can compare suppliers against cost centers or category and even go down to the product level without writing complex reports.


  • Review real-time spend performance metrics online
  • Transparent purchasing volumes throughout all commodity groups
  • Identify company-wide demand pooling potential
  • Achieve material costs reduction through quantity effects
  • Business Managers can create their own reports--no need for advanced technical skills

Features & Functions

  • Slice and Dice throughout arbitrary commodities and dimensions
  • Add or change individual dimensions via mouse-clicks
  • Change X-/Y-dimensions
  • Flexible definition of table settings (e.g. sort order)
  • Graphical representation of all data as bar charts
  • Export all data to PDF, Excel or print

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