Industry Solutions

Procurement Service Provider

 A market analysis* by BME, European Business School (Oestrich-Winkel) and Booz Allen Hamilton quotes that approx. 47 percent of German companies in the industry sector handle their purchases by using the services of Service Providers (PSP`s); another 16 percent are planning to use these services in the near future. jCatalog delivers the technical foundation of the major PSP in Europe.

Benefits for the Procurement Service Provider:

  • Reduction of purchasing costs
  • Reduction of process and transactional costs
  • Purchase decisions are based on open high quality content and comparable products
  • New supplies can be added to the supply chain
  • Reduced TCO's, due to low integration and implementation costs

(* Enquiry of 6,000 BME-Members (german counterpart to ISM) to extent and benefits of electronic marketplaces). The BME aggregates approx. 80 percent of the overall purchasing volume in Germany.)

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