Industry Solutions


For several years, intensive global competition in industry has already led to a close synchronization between manufacturers and suppliers along the value added chain. It will be crucial for manufacturers to harmonize the information exchange and flow in development, production and sales. Suppliers, however, will have to determine their positions and business models accordingly.

Benefits for the typical manufacturer:

  • Supply Chain costs reduced by 1-3% (study by FMI, GMA, AIM - E Commerce and Global Standards )
  • Gain in profit of 10-15% (study by FMI, GMA, AIM - E Commerce and Global Standards)
  • Costs for invoice verification and withdrawal of orders reduced - in the order of 5-10%
  • 5% of time saved required by personnel to administer master data
  • 5% of time saved required by customer service to deal with customer complaints
  • Exclusion of errors in product information that occur in 8% of all orders
  • 0.2% - 0.7% external logistics costs saved

(Study by AT Kearney, FIM - Accelerate Trading Partner Electronic Collaboration)

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