Industry Solutions

jCatalog for Automotive

Durable cars, a growing number of independent brands, and the price consciousness of consumers increase the demand for products in the automotive aftermarket.

jCatalog for Automotive supports manufacturers and trading companies in the automotive industry. Manage your products, spare parts and accessories with multi-lingual, multi-currency, and multi-vendor support. Define the compatibility of different parts to vehicles and models. jCatalog solutions for Automotive support the most popular classification formats in the automotive industry, especially TecDoc (Phoenix when released as well).

Your Benefits

  • Management of multiple languages, manufacturer data, and brand of cross-product information
  • Product information for attributes such as text descriptions, technical data, pictures, instructions and other data
  • Compatibility information on specific models and types
  • Quick search for products or vehicle parts (e.g. VIN numbers or chassis numbers)
  • Exchange and synchronization of data with supply chain and industry partners
  • Utilize common data formats such as TecDoc (The TecDoc data standard provides the independent automotive aftermarket with a standardized way for identifying and ordering automotive parts, both in the car and the truck sector) or AAIM (now AASP - Alliance of Automotive Service Providers) for national and international use.




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